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From the PoP to the customer: layer 3, layer 2 and layer 1 equipment

Passive WDM is an implementation of CWDM or DWDM that uses no electrical power. It separates the wavelengths using passive optical components such as bandpass filters and prisms. Passive WDM is widely used to design and deploy low cost access networks over leased fiber. Using one fiberpair, it is possible to backhaul 3/4G towers and provide gigabit eth or SDH services to corporate customers.

WDM solutions provide multiplexing solutions for single fiber or dual fiber systems. They support multiple applications including:

Boost leased fiber capacity with multiple WDM (CWDM or DWDM) wavelengths
Connect multiple GigE devices seamless with colored transceivers over fiber links
3G and LTE towers easily connected to the nearest PoP with high capacity fiber links
Local-Loop-Unbudling (LLU)? Connect your PoP to incumbent CO with passive optical transport
Reduce your budget in optical regeneration down to the minimum with passive transport
Seamless multi- 10G channels installation using CWDM
Lowest CAPEX to interconnect your customer's LANs within the metro space

Low Cost Network Upgrades

Many metropolitan networks have not been upgraded for years. Continuous increase in traffic has left some areas with little or no room for growth. The lack of network capacity, also known as fiber exhaust, is a problem carriers are looking to solve immediately. Adding WDM (CWDM or DWDM) in the optical transport is a simple and cost-effective solution for fiber exhaust relief. New services can be added over a single existing optical fiber, without interrupting service to existing customers

Cloud Edge Access

Central Office to Customer Premise, to the Tower, etc. Interconnection

WDM is a good fit for metro-access applications such as Fiber to the Building (FTTB). A 48-channel DWDM network can deliver 48 independent wavelength services from the Central Office to multiple business offices located in the same building and LTE tower backhaul.

Wireless Backhaul

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